You are currently viewing 5 business ideas that you can be started in just 5 to 15k Rupees in Small town or Village 2022

5 business ideas that you can be started in just 5 to 15k Rupees in Small town or Village 2022

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People often think of starting a business even if they have a job according to their mind, but the cost of doing business is not on them and they get disappointed seeing it. Today we are giving you information about some such business ideas which can be started even with less money. Profits in these also become very good. There are some successful examples who started with a small business and today they are the owners of a big company. So let’s go and know about the business starting in less money.

1.) Mobile, DTH Recharge and SIM Card Selling

If you want to start this business, then this business starts at least 4 to 5 thousand rupees, its demand has always remained in the market and this work is also very easy. You can start this small shop sitting at home with this and due to this, if your work starts running, then you can start printing and photo copy business along with this work in your shop itself, it may also cost a lot of work. Business is about to start and if there is a college, government office or any court near your shop or house, then it is pleasant to sleep for your business.

2.) A Breakfast or Lunch Shop

This is a very demanding and running business. People are often in a hurry in the morning before leaving for office. There are many people who do not live with their family. All these people are in search of better breakfast, this work can be started full time also when your business starts running well, then you can keep lunch and dinner in the shop, it is your only advantage.

3.) A Shoes Washing Laundry

This is the new business of today. Nowadays, such new machines are being found in the market, through which shoes are washed, you start this work in 3.5 or 4 thousand and because of this, you can make your own small laundry shop by keeping 2 or 3 workers. And this task will become very easy.

4.) Cold Drinks and Snacks Stall Business

You can do this business in two ways, one is by selling it on wholesale or you can do one of these by selling it on a stale And this business starts in 8 to 10 thousand. And in this, you can increase your capital by keeping bakery products and you will have to know how much demand for bakery products is in the market.

5.) Plant Nursery

To make the house beautiful, people live on the plant nursery and in today’s world, who would not like to stay in the fresh air and it starts at 10 thousand rupees and you can buy 3 or 4 bags of worker raj. Can be sold, this will increase your capital further.

5 business ideas that you can be started in just 5 to 15k Rupees in Small town or Village 2022 hope you know this

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