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How to make money from Instagram Reels? How I Earned RS.35K+

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So friends, these days it is seen that a lot more people are liking to watch Instagram Reels and in such a situation,
just a few months ago, a new short video platform has been released in Instagram, which is named Instagram Reels.
So the question is how to earn money with instagram reels?

In Instagram reels you can upload videos up to 40 seconds like Tik Tok or Moj and other short video platforms,
and this is also new, so Instagram Reels is giving a lot of reaches to short video creators on this.

So if you are also a video creator or want to make short videos to earn money online,
then you too can earn up to lakhs of rupees using Instagram Reels so read till last.

How did I get more than 70,000 followers on my Instagram account with the help of Instagram Reels and earned a lot of money from Instagram Reels,
you will get to read about all these things in our article.

How To Earn Money With Instagram Reels

Most of the people who are reading this blog are earning money with the help of blogging or YouTube channel.
But now it will also happen that you may be working on YouTube or Blog but you will not be able to earn money from there.So try This method

So you guys can earn money by making Instagram Reels like the rest of the people.
I will not ask you to make Lipsing Videos here. Because thousands of people must be making videos like this but not succesfull.

If you want to increase followers on Instagram in a little time,
then you have to make some such reels videos which no one is making or very few or some people are making those kind of videos.

The way YouTube has their Monetization Partner Program,Instagram does not have any Monetization Partner Program,
but you too have 5-6 such ways by which you can earn up to lakhs of rupees.

I have told you about all these things below, but before all these things, let me tell you about myself, how I can earned money from Instagram Reels.
This article is written by hamzakeblogs

How I Can Earn Money With Instagram Reels

When I started making Instagram Reels, at that time there were only 700 followers on my Instagram account,
then after that I started uploading a Reels video every day and for the last few months I am uploading videos continuously.

So now I have 11K+ Followers on my account, I have continuously uploaded at least one video every day and my 50 Followers also increased daily,
the(hamzakeblogs) day a good views comes on Reels Video, then even more followers would have increased. This blog is written by hamzakeblogs.

How to make instagram Reels

By now you must have come to know that[hamzakeblogs] if you want to grow your Instagram page, then you must upload Reels Video for that.
But what kind of video should be made so that the page grows (hamzakeblogs)in the least time.

There are many such pages on Instagram which are uploading regular videos,
but still their followers(hamzakeblogs) are not increasing and neither are the views and likes coming on their Instagram reels.

So these people make some mistakes due to which they are not able to grow their page.(hamzakeblogs)
So let’s check the first step to grow Instagram page:-(How to earn Money with instagram Reels)

Decide Your Video Niche

This step is very important to speed up your page because you not decide is your niche so how you can make videos on topic.
some people make different videos from his page so his video could not come reach and you are demotivate from your account so dont make silly mistakes.

Views come on some videos, but more videos will be such that only 50-350 views will come.
If you want Active Followers(hamzakeblogs) on your page, then first of all you have to choose some topics about
which you have good knowledge and you can also make videos on them.hamzakeblogs

I am telling you some topics on which you can start your Instagram page and start earning money by making reels videos.


So Now How U Can earn money with instagram reels

1) Sponshorsips

Most of the people who are earning with instagram he use sponshorsips.for those who have active followers on instagram,
the agency brings some brands.
Then you are asked to make a promotional video about the same brand or any product, then you are given money to make that video.
Money is given according to the audience of your Instagram page.

2)Paid Post or Paid Stories

If you have grown your instagram account recently, then you must have also received some such direct messages(DM) that you can add about
my Instagram page to your Insta Story or Instagram Post.
Those who have created their new pages, often those people do the same, by doing this Instantly Audience also goes to their new page.
And in this way you can also earn some money.
U can charge approximately 2000 per post or story.

For More steps comment down Thanks for Reading us

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